Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Power of Words...and Pictures

I recently received an email from a friend who is also an educator.  The email included a link to a clip on You Tube.  I am sharing this clip with you in what will likely be my shortest post...ever.  After you see the clip, there will be no need for explanation or questions about connections you are making.

So that means I need to say what I want to say before you get to the clip.  :)   (I know, I know, you could skip the book and go straight to the movie) In a previous post, I wrote about Opening Minds by Peter Johnston. This book that has stayed with me all year.  Johnston describes language as the teacher's most valuable tool.  We can use it to open our student's minds, to help them see reading, writing, mathematics, art, music, physical activity, recess, friendship, even themselves, in a new way.

As this term, and this year, come to an end, I am asking myself if there are things, ideas, people that I might see in another way.  Can I use the power of words to make my life richer?  Can I use the power of words to help a student or a colleague?

The Power of Words