Sunday, September 29, 2013

A New Year

Welcome back!  I know we have been back awhile but I am still getting into the swing of things.  Like you, I am establishing my routines and building up my stamina.  One of the routines I am trying to build in is following a couple of blogs and keeping my knowledge of kid's books current.

One I really love is is The Nerdy Book Club.  The people who write it love books as much as I do.  I learned about this blog from a couple of teachers in our division who I talk books with every chance I get.  Both of them (see you on Thursday Georgette and Sylvia!) will be at the:

Passionate About Picture Books Book Club 

on Thursday, October 3:  4:30 p.m. at the ERC.

A flyer has been sent out but this is a big school division and there is a great deal of information on the move at any given time.  I wanted to make sure you know about this so I am using every avenue available.

If you are interested in attending... just come on Thursday and bring a picture book to share.  The sharing will be informal, the conversation will be all about books AND there will be snacks.  What could be better?

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